What do you do when the daily cacophony and stress wane your energy? A spa treatment? How would you feel if you could float, or even go off to sleep on water, in total peace? Sounds bizarre? Well, they call it the ‘mind spa’.

This article first appeared on Cityshordownload

Shalom Float and Mind Spa, Pune provides the first of its kind relaxation technique in India. They have huge oyster shaped pods placed in a room that is totally cut away from all noise and people. These zen-like tanks are specially made to create a sensory deprivation experience. If you have ever thought of how walking on water would be, you can feel it here! The pods are filled with Epsom salt and water, or you could say that they create the mini Dead Sea right inside the pod. When you lay down on the water for an hour, all alone, doing nothing, all your senses relax to the maximum and sort of reboot themselves. The end result is highly refreshing! You get to experience the feeling of being weightless and come out of the pod with an indescribable feeling. The float sessions also claim to lower down the body pains related to sickness/ailments.

I was quite fascinated by the thought of floating in water – being an aquaphile and not knowing swimming is a dangerous combination, hence I jumped at the first chance of laying down on water (without having to know any swimming antics). After the initial inhibitions got over, I overtly enjoyed the whole process. I could hear my breathing and my tranquil heartbeat.

It felt like an out of the world experience. I didn’t expect it to do much, however, after leaving the pod room, I felt a renewed burst of energy inside me and I felt very light. Moreover, lying on the water was an unimaginable, different and fun experience altogether.

At Shalom, you can choose a session of 60 minutes or 90 minutes. A neat and clean shower room is attached to the pod room where you can take a shower before and after the float. The place has well trained and polite staff who help you get acquainted and comfortable. Once inside the pod, you can choose to keep it open or close the lid. It even has options for lighting and music, according to user’s preference. During the whole session duration, you will have solitude and peace. The best thing to do is to catch up on a good sleep. I was told about 98% people actually do that. Even if you don’t fall asleep, you will love the sensation of stress leaving your body and mind. I could even feel my mind at ease and more clear in processing opinions. The rejuvenating experience ends with a cup of hot beverage.

Do give Shalom a try for a completely novel de-stressing experience. Don’t forget to carry that swimsuit of yours with you!

One session cost INR 3000 | Website | Facebook

Address: White Flint Nest, Office No 6, 4th Floor, (Lane between 5&6), North main road, Pune  | Phone: 020 6940 9032


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