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If you are from Delhi or have visited Delhi, you would know how emotional they are about their Butter Chicken. It is one of the most popular Indian chicken curries and why shouldn’t it be, the smoky, melty chicken, the creamy gravy and the richness of dry fruits like Cashew and Almonds, come together to create a beautiful ballet on the palate and the mind!

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Don’t be disheartened if you haven’t tried this gem of a dish yet, we will make sure you try it at the best place, because almost nowhere in Pune you will get authentic Delhi style Butter Chicken. Most of the places that have Butter Chicken on their menu, serve it either too sweet (trust me when I say – you can have it for dessert!) or like a plain curry sans the entire creamy affair!

Nestled in one of the lanes in Viman Nagar, there is a tiny Punjabi food joint called Tawa Street, as the name sounds – it specialises in Tawa items and it’s right on the busy street.ts10.jpg

The best part about this place is the owner is highly confident of the items on the menu – and undoubtedly, they have the best Butter Chicken in Pune. One bite of it and you will be in food heaven – silky soft gravy, luxurious and rich flavour, succulent chicken, yet not too greasy. Butter Chicken is all about the gravy and these people truly know what they are cooking (/claiming). The Butter Chicken here is exactly Delhi style, bold, smoky and nicely balanced by the tang of tomato.

Butter Chicken2.jpg

In addition to the Delhi style surprises that Tawa Street offers, they have ‘Sirka Pyaaz’. For the uninitiated, Sirka Pyaaz is raw onion marinated in Vinegar, served as a food accompaniment. It’s something very common in Delhi; all the restaurants will mandatorily give you that with food, no matter you go to a 5-star or a roadside Dhaba. However, I have not seen any other restaurant in Pune serving Sirka Pyaaz. Do try if you haven’t!Sirka Pyaaz.jpg

All the Punjabi items on their menu are drool worthy and made with authentic recipes – Dal Makhni, Rajma, Tawa Chicken and Tandoori Chicken are the other must try items. Whatever you try, you will be reminded of the Delhi food scene! For all the vegetarians, if you think the Butter Chicken sounds heavenly, you can try the Shahi Paneer – happiness guaranteed! The quality of the food here is absolutely great and the pricing is quite economical.

Tawa Street will soon be introducing Galawati Kebabs and nothing can get better than that – Galawati Kebab and Ulte Tawa ka Parantha should be on the must-eat list of every foodie! Tawa Street is definitely one of the pleasant additions to the city’s ever-growing food delivery joints. What are you waiting for, order in the Butter Chicken right away, promise you won’t regret it!

Address: Tawa Street, Shop 3, Lunkad Plaza, Viman Nagar, Pune
Cost for two: INR 500 | Facebook  | Instagram
Order online on Zomato/FoodPanda, or call on 914-548-8267/97
Restaurant Timings: 12 Noon to 3:00 PM, 7:00 PM to 1:00 AM

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  1. vishalpipraiya says:

    Thanks for sharing. Well worded and nicely laid out article. Was a breeze to read through and get all the information.

    Agree with the butter dish variations in Pune being unnecessarily sweet. Wonder what makes them want to put sugar in it!? Its actually repelling. Now if these guys really do a delhi style butter/shahi paneer, that will be something.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the kind words! 🙂 And yes their butter chicken is really good and the taste is authentic, do try.


    2. By the way, I love Pagdandi Cafe, I’d have visited regularly if I didn’t stay so far!


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