Save the date: Saturday, 20th May 2017, 11 am to 6 pm
Venue: The 1st Brewhouse, Corinthians Resort & Club, Pune
Register your team here: http://beerolympics.in/
Charges: INR 2000 per person (a team of 4 players is required)


This article first appeared on Cityshor download

To counter the skyrocketing mercury, this craft brewery has come up with ‘Doolally Beer Olympics 2017’ where the steel-bellied, beer athlete can win up to 10 liters of free beer, specially handcrafted from imported German malts. This can be your ‘beer dream come true moment’!

On May 20th, you will have the chance to prove your love for beer – what more – in a highly competitive environment – no wonder they have named it Beer Olympic! All you need to do is create a team of 4, book tickets and reach Corinthians in Pune. In case you are traveling from Mumbai, get on-board The Doolally Wagon (AC Bus) from (& to) Doolally Bandra for just INR 800 per head. Safety is the first priority, so after filling yourself with so much beer, you can reach home with total ease and comfort.

In this 7th edition of the Doolally Beer Olympics, a series of exciting drinking games are lined up to fire up the event. Your team can try hands on games that will test the mental, physical and verbal skills, under the influence of the beer! Test your multitasking skills – play Beer Jenga, Fletter, Darts, Pong and Chug Relay, while gulping down mugs of beer. The winning team will win the most coveted reward – ‘The Golden Mug’! Flex your belly muscles and be fully prepared, it is not an easy game, Brew Brothers have been the undefeated champions for three times in a row – can you beat them?

Beer Olympics A2 Poster-01

Apart from the mega prize of 10-litres of beer, each game will have its own rewards, all in terms of beer. Also, each athlete will get a Beer Olympic Kit, five games for all teams, a snack box and 2-liters of beer.

So, what are you waiting for – just bottoms up and get, set, chug!


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