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If you are bored of the same old run-of-the-mill, market bought jewellery, Inklime might be the place for you. Keeping in mind that every woman has her own distinct style, Inklime creates products that stand out in terms of beauty and design.

These fashion accessories are specially handcrafted for the modern, independent woman and look clearly apart from ordinary. Maneesha Nanda, the founder of this home-grown fashion accessories venture, Inklime, wanted to carve a space in the realm of individualistic fashion and in less than a year she’s overwhelmed with the number of orders flowing in. Always intrigued by handicraft, she wanted to give each article a personal touch and design handcrafted contemporary accessories for the modern Indian woman.

One look at her product range and I could see what makes them a hit in the market despite being a fledgling brand. There is something exquisitely fresh and intricate about handcrafted products and you can observe that in the accessories that she designs.

The gorgeous Mystik Soul series caught my attention – a beautiful combination of metal and Rudraksha beads are used to make neckpieces and earrings. I am highly impressed with the amount of effort Maneesha put in to create each trinket. A new design is added to the collection, every now and then, suitable for a wide range of audience. The current product range consists of handcrafted jewellery items using semi-precious beads, wire, Rudraksha, wooden beads, threads, fabrics and other such objects. Every single piece created by Inklime, ethnic or contemporary is noticeably Indian at its heart. The designs are intricate and the end product adds to the beauty and charm of the wearer, the best part is most of the items go well with everyday dressing as well as party wear.

The jewellery items start from as low as INR 80 and go up to INR 500 plus. The items can be bought online through Inklime’s social media channels and WhatsApp. Do have a look at their collection, be prepared to be charmed!

Want to buy? Email: / WhatsApp: +91 943 823 9419

View the collection range here: Website | Instagram | Facebook

Happy Shopping!


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