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Mystery Rooms has live adventure escape game rooms where 2-8 people are locked inside for 60 minutes and they have to find clues and solve the mission before time runs out.

We took up the mission, ‘The Hurt Locker’ that has a bomb placed inside the room and the team has to find clues and diffuse the bomb to come out of the room. The bomb explodes if the players are unable to diffuse the bomb in the given time. We had no idea as to what to expect when we arrived there, the guiding staff told us that this is a challenge against time, we would have to use our reasoning skills to solve puzzles, find clues and understand them to move further in the chosen quest. Although we could not diffuse the bomb in time, it still turned out to be an exhilarating, enthralling and one-of-its-kind experience for us.

Why should you go there?

To satiate the Sherlock in you! The place offers a matchless live rescue experience which is high on adventure and adrenaline rush. You have the opportunity to use the best of your logic and grey cells to interpret hints and clues to accomplish the mission and escape.

This is also a wonderful place for family bonding and corporate team-building exercise.

Their game rooms are technologically advanced, filled with clues and hints, a screen that keeps on mocking you and dropping hints, and a ticking timer apart from general required room furnishings designed according to the needs of the mission. The staff is helpful and you have the option to buy extra time if you want.

Missions: Currently, they have two exciting missions and you can choose a difficulty level that matches your logical ability.

Group size: 2-8, pre-booking required.

Price: INR 500 – 1000 per person (depending on the team size and day of the week)

Booking contact: +91 911 213 3768

Address: Out of the World, First Floor, Above ICICI Bank, Lane No. 7, Koregaon Park, Pune

Mystery Rooms started in September 2014, when its founders came together with an idea to start this unique concept in the capital. The whole idea was based on the desire to bring something refreshing to the monotonous city life and it became an instant hit! 

There are 4 exciting games in Rajouri Garden, New Delhi, and 2 games in Gurgaon. Mystery Rooms is also present in Goa, Kolkata, Chandigarh, Ludhiana and Jalandhar. Mystery Rooms, Pune is the latest launch.

Do visit, if you haven’t already!

Connect with Mystery Rooms: Facebook / Website


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