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My incessant pursuit for good food led me to this newly opened, small but quirky and clean restaurant in Viman Nagar. One visit turned into another and then another, just because of the delectable, non-oily and light-on-the-stomach, however, filling fare.

Snuggled in the row of stores in front of the Jogger’s Park is Radhika Bengali Food & Sweets. Managed by a young food entrepreneur, the food that they serve tastes just like the way it does at home. The best part of it is the food is light on the stomach and totally satisfies hunger and also the palate. Although they are only a few days old and have 6-8 tables, most of the times there is a long waiting during the meal times. 

Their menu has numerous authentic Bengali dishes out of which I have devoured the ones mentioned below:

Luchi and Cholar Dal: Luchi is basically ‘Poori’ made of maida and it is very difficult to get it right. The Luchis here are soft and fluffy and go very well with the sweet and dense dal. Total bliss!   

Koraishutir Kochuri and Aloor Dom: Luchi that is stuffed with green peas is known as Koraishutir Kochuri, and believe me when I say it’s heavenly! Each bite of it is plain pleasure; it makes for a good breakfast or an evening snack.

Chicken Jhol: Very light on spices, oil and chilli, this one tastes just like the one made at home. For a person staying away from home, this makes a suitable lunch and dinner, every day. Goes well with both roti and rice.   

Veg. Thala: Their thali consists of Aloo Poshto (Bengali delicacy made of potatoes and roasted poppy seeds), 1 vegetable dish that is different each day, dal, 2 rotis, rice, special Bengali tomato chutney and 1 fried Aubergine.

Fish Thala: On one particular lazy day, we ordered this at home and as usual this kept up with our expectations. Their Fish Thali has everything from Veg Thali except Aloo Poshto, with two pieces of Rohu fish curry.

Chicken Mughlai Parantha: Bengalis are highly crazy about Mughlai Parantha and it is one of my favourites as well. Mughlai Parantha is basically a fusion between Mughal and Bengali cuisine and Radhika makes it really well, crispy outer covering and soft chicken pieces inside. It tastes great with gravy potatoes. It also comes with Egg and Mutton stuffing.     

While the food at Radhika being tasty and homely, it is also easy on the pocket. A meal for two is around INR 300 after a lavish order. All in all, if you are emotionally connected to your Bengali cuisine, or if you want to try it for the first time this is where you should head off to, it won’t leave you dissatisfied.


Address: Clover Park, Viman Nagar, Pune  |  Phone: +91 954 555 7328  |  Facebook

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  1. Sapna Kapoor says:

    Thanks for sharing.
    Place to visit when in Kolkata 🙂

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