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2016 is going to be over soon, and aren’t we glad?

2016 was long and eventful, no less than a roller-coaster ride. And if it has worn you out too, like it has done to me, and you are least interested in beginning 2017 by getting sloshed and dancing, you can plan it a little differently. How about ending this year star gazing, camping, or dancing around a bonfire and starting 2017 with a refreshed self? If you are planning to do something like this, you can choose from one of these overnight trips. Stay away from the regular, monotonous partying crowd and do something different this year.

Leave on the last day of this year and return next year! Let the trip begin…

  1. New Year In Camping Style

Wake up to a beautiful sunrise on New Year’s morning, 90-km from Pune, near Bhor. This site is surrounded by the backwaters of Nira Devghar dam. How splendid would it be to fix a tent here and look at the stars!

Cost per person- Triple sharing: INR 3200/Twin sharing: INR 3600  | Contact- 9765237127, 9769956969

  1. Wilderness Camping & New Year Celebration

Relish some good food, dance and music in Vegre village on the Temghar Dam backwaters, Lavasa Road.

Cost per person- INR 2000  |  Contact- 9850788233, 9823996112

  1. New Year Camping Celebration 2017

How about a lovely evening by the lake or a jungle, and a delish barbeque outside every camp? Moreover, you have the option to choose from 5 themes:

  1. Beach Side Camping at Revdanda near Alibaug
  2. Lake Side Camping at Pawna Lake
  3. Jungle Camping at Maval Jungle
  4. Island Camping at Bhandardara
  5. Couple only Exclusive Lavish Camping at Kamshet

Cost per person- Ranging from INR 2000 to INR 6000, depending on the location selected  |  Contact- 9075765767

  1. Lakeside Camping On New Year’s Eve

You get to camp beside a beautiful, huge lake and a mountain in the backdrop, in Karjat. This is for those who want to enjoy a night full of fun, music and games.

Cost per person- INR 1400 for men / INR 1100 for women  |  Contact- 9820285295

  1. New Year Special Camping At Rajmachi

This is your chance to celebrate New Year with friends and family amidst nature and history. Night camping at Rajmachi Fort and an awesome view of Mother Nature in the morning – isn’t that a wonderful way to welcome the New Year!

Cost per person- INR 1750  |  Contact- 9619262722, 9821815539

  1. Man Vs Miles

Take sanctuary in the lap of nature. Enjoy a night out under the sky with your friends and family, amidst clean and fresh, naturally beautiful expanse, located in Mulshi.

Cost per person- Stag: INR 3000 / Couple: INR 6000  |  Contact- 8888855972

  1. New Year Camping Party

Go far away from the din of the city and connect with nature with your friends at Dahuli. A bonfire and barbeque will definitely warm up your heart.

Cost per person- INR 1799  |  Contact- 9765406183

  1. Far Away Feast

Nothing will be better than celebrating New Year than an outing filled with sports and fun activities amidst the sprawling Sinhagad Mountains. Rejoice the occasion in an entirely natural and pristine atmosphere.

Cost per person- INR 3000  |  Contact- 9922402154

Hope this list will add some spark to your plans.  What are you waiting for? Pack your bags and head out to enjoy and welcome the New Year in a beautiful way.



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