There is one thing common between life and technology – change is the only constant for both!

Things that could only be imagined once, are a reality today, thanks to the ever-developing and ever-evolving technology. One of the benefits of technology is tracking, more so, real-time tracking. Real-time tracking has been one of the true game changers; with devices that have been developed, one can track anything – from a baby’s movement to a vehicle’s. Real-time tracking equipment has a high enterprise usage and integration.

The world, both personal and industrial, has literally become small and connected with the advent of real-time trackers. In contrast to passive tracking devices, active/real-time trackers have added advantages. With an active tracker on an object, one can view its location, speed, stop duration, temperature, and other details from a remote location. With a passive tracker, just the last move (which has occurred sometime ago) can be tracked, not to mention, it is not an easy task. A lot of data transfer is required which makes the whole process tedious and useless.

Real-time trackers are perfect for monitoring the seniors and the kids, keeping the home-maker free of worries. Alternatively, patients can be monitored excellently with the use of tracking devices. Such devices come with a comprehensible interface (usually in the form of an app), excellent software and data storage on cloud. Tracking anything or anyone becomes quick and effective.

One important industry that benefits from real-time trackers is logistics. There is a great amount of pilferage, loss and irrelevant staffing in this industry. With big data in place, active tracking is a boon to logistics businesses – proper implementation of the tracking system can streamline operations, reduce staffing cost, and end material wastage and theft. From each and every item, to each vehicle, one can keep a track of everything, which results in better customer service and satisfaction, and also re-return of the customers.

When every moving object that holds a value gets connected, it adds a lot of potential to the one handling the system, by expanding the precision of decision making through prompt analysis of the available digital evidence.

If you have a business that has a lot of trucks plying on the roads carrying goods, and you have a real-time tracking system in place, you will get notified about every minute detail of your vehicle, including stoppages and delay timings. Moreover, it will also provide you with the temperature and traffic situations – accordingly you can instruct the driver about the fastest route of delivery.

These real-time tracking systems stand as a practical, wireless and easy-to-use solution, involving intelligent software and a state-of-the-art hardware, the size of which is almost negligible. The software can be downloaded on smartphones or PCs enabling one to keep a track and control one’s assets from any location.    

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  1. Never tried a real time tracker before. Completely agree – this is especially useful for elders and kids. The technology as you rightly mentioned is mature. So it makes absolute sense to use it today. This is also useful for someone like me who habitually misplaces things 🙂

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