I can now understand why people call you an alien. How is it that there is someone who doesn’t know what an awesome wonder Gol-gappa is! (Alternatively known as Panipuri and Phuchka)

Well, it is a mere ball of spicy water that costs low on the pocket but gives an unbound amount of joy. And it all begins, right from the moment you see your favourite Gol-gappa stall. With baited breath, you watch the guy who mixes ordinary ingredients like potato, chutney and pudina water, to conjure the object that you value more than the love of your life! 20160419_185953

Then he puts it in your plate – for you time stops right there – it is just you and the Gol-gappa in your plate – and slowly you hold it and put it in your mouth – again, the clock forgets to tick – the flavours dance on your palate – the mush spice of the potato, the sweetness of the chutney, and the tang of the water with the crisp, salty cover! You can never stop at one. And you are done only when your stomach says, ‘dude, I have no more space left in me.’

Once done, you wonder- it would have been nicer if the server was more patient in serving the Gol-gappas.



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  1. Bhookh lag gayi 😂 Loved reading it! Awesome blog you have!! 😄
    Do check out mine too, will appreciate your views! 💕

    Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re welcome 😄


        1. I loved your blog too, especially the way you have put the 4 head tabs. 😀


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