MORE ABOUT ‘The Retrospective Procrastinator’?

I am The Retrospective Procrastinator!

How, you ask?

That’s because, I have been (past tense; now I’m not 😀 ) a procrastinator, I look back at past incidents and ponder on them (retrospect), regret my mistakes – but I make sure I commit them again. 😛

Hence, the name The Retrospective Procrastinator!

Other than that, I’m a happy soul, I enjoy the small gifts of life, make friends, lose friends, work endlessly, laze listlessly –  the one thing that I never lose is the ‘smile on my face’. 🙂 I truly believe that this curve sets everything right!

Dreams get me moving ahead in life; they are like the elixir which charges the battery of my heart! I have a keen interest in reading people’s mind (although I fail miserable in this task 😛 ); like Facebook, I too want to know ‘What’s on your mind?’

My aim in life is to make this world a peaceful place (believe me, when my mind gets diverted from my aim, I start thinking about world domination! :O ). I follow the philosophy of Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism, and I am an active member of Bharat Soka Gakkai. O:)

I live in Delhi, however, love Mumbai (You can see it in the cover picture) and fantasise about Seychelles. 😉 Soon moving to Pune to become an entrepreneur! Yayy! 😀

Queens Necklace, Mumbai

Hola! So, I’m in Pune now, trying to adjust, missing Delhi (especially, the comfort and the food). May be I should create short stories about my experiences in this new city, what say?

I love to describe myself like this – “I was born in Bihar, raised in Uttar Pradesh, made strong to deal with life in Delhi, and now adventuring in Maharashtra. A true Indian!” 🙂

Here’s my last view of New Delhi’s quaint Hauz Khas Village


I am a PR and marketing communication professional who loves to leech on books, gets the high with music, dreams throughout the day, prefers to spend time watching movies, stand-up comedy & English tele-series, and happily explores every opportunity to travel. I have recently developed an interest in photography (yes, just like everyone else) and writing (most of them are press releases, sigh!). You will catch glimpses of both right here! 🙂

I will be writing on myriad topics, as per my mood and venting it out here. Hope you enjoy reading them. Any kind of feedback is most welcome.

You want to know more about me? This might help – Suchismita Roy (No, bragging, I promise 😛 )

Keep visiting. Enjoy!!!


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