I recently left Delhi to move to a new city. While I was figuring out easy ways of transporting myself and my 7 huge bags from Delhi to Bareilly, my school buddy Divya Rai emerged from somewhere (I think that is how friends manage to be always around and present solutions of their own), like a ray of hope and suggested that she will accompany me to home if we travel by bus. I (not) readily agreed and then finally made the epic journey after dilly-dallying for 2.5 days. [These 2.5 days were spent in sleeping, eating road side food, early morning breakfasts, picking Mulberries from the trees in the park, and drinking endless cups of tea. This was the first time that we spent so much time with each other, in all these years of living in the same city! Life is strange most of the times!! Sigh!!!]

So, coming back to the point in hand, we booked the UPSRTC Shatabdi AC bus service tickets online through Make my Trip and started this epic journey. It was no less than a backpack trip, like the ones Ms. Rai specialises in. What happened next is lucidly explained by my friend in her blog. It throws ample light on the mental gender bias in a fun way. However, you will enjoy this narrative to the hilt irrespective of your gender.


Also, Ola cabs support service has been super generous to us; they refunded our money with just a Tweet. I love Twitter! ❤ The experience with them calls for another narrative, Ms. Rai will re-count the experience at a later stage, if Ola annoys her anymore. 😛
I am sure you will enjoy reading this and laugh your guts out. At the same time, I wish UPSRTC was as sensitively handled as Mr. Suresh Prabhu is handling Indian Railways. But then it’s U.P., what to say! Can only pray for some ‘achche din’.

Here is what Divya (of A Borrowed Backpack fame) has to say:

A Borrowed Backpack


Today, I happened to travel by one of the Delhi-Bareilly ‘shatabdi’ buses started by you. This post intends to hand-hold you through the experience of the ‘facility’.

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