It was one of those idle, wintry afternoons, when I feel lazy to do anything. Staring at the [Facebook] wall, and daydreaming seems so captivating that every other work becomes a minute piece of dust which can be blown away in just a puff!

So, while I was staring at Facebook, I saw ‘Polo – The Mint with the Hole’ lying on the table near my laptop. Instantly, I started craving for After Eight Mint Chocolates, however, a lazy soul like me has to sit back and look for other options because going to the market is a hell of a task!

I thought – let me put some Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup on these mint loops and have it. I went to the kitchen and a brilliant idea struck my brain – why not make peppermint coffee! This coffee was born out of that sheer idea. 🙂

This is how I made it, I tried clicking pictures at each step [quite a difficult task to do alone, pheww]. If you have a better recipe, please enlighten me, I would love to try.

Peppermint Coffee – Step by Step Procedure

  1. Add 2 spoons of Coffee (I used Bru) and 3/4 spoon sugar


2. Add few drops of water and beat the mixture till it attains a smooth texture, or, till your hands start paining!

3. Ground 3 Polos till it becomes powdery and add it to the coffee mixture


4. Beat the mixture again till the coarseness goes away, then add half a spoon of Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup


5. Mix it well for a minute

6. Finally, add hot milk


7. Few nanoseconds, after you add milk, you will hear a searing sound, don’t panic, the concoction you have just prepared isn’t going to burst! [Sadly, all the foam of the coffee will go away! 😥 ]

This is what the coffee will look like, but it will taste awesome. 🙂 The sudden kick of mint will give you a high of happiness and freshness.


Do try it if you are a mint-chocolate lover!


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  1. Excellent. Loved the chocolate mint combo.

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