Coffee…yeah Coffee.

A lot can happen over coffee. Yes, including falling in love with it.


Consider a full moon day – a day of overflowing sentiments, sudden bouts of happiness and then the overwhelming sadness as if, all of a sudden life has changed into a dilemma, nothing seems right. All your friends leave you alone, obviously who would want to put a hand in a hungry Lion’s mouth! What is it that saves you from dipping into the depths of your emotions? Think, think. Have you started fantasising about it? – The aroma, the colour, the smoothness! Are you imagining a hot, strong and aromatic cup of coffee? You can even imagine how the taste feels on your palate? Yes, my friend, you too are in love with COFFEE. 🙂

Sometimes I think – is coffee an illusion? Is it a distraction?

I do not like all kinds of coffee, mine has to be strong, smooth and creamy. I am very particular about it and I take all the pains in the world to make it perfect. My hatred for a badly brewed coffee is very strong. It is like – I know that all the required ingredients are added still an atrocious alchemy has turned it into a ludicrous cup of viscous liquid! When I end up making a cup of coffee in a negligent state of mind, it’s feels like a constant state of knowing what I want to do but not knowing how to do it!


When you love to drink coffee, you learn how to make great coffee and spend half hour grinding the beans long and slow and lovingly just so you reach perfection. I remember, when I was in college, me and my friend used to drink endless cups of coffee every day, even more during examination preparation. At this point in time, I feel amused at the fact that we spent more time in making that perfect cup of coffee rather than studying!! I believe if we had put that effort in studying, we would have been toppers. BUT – A GREAT CUP OF COFFEE IS WHAT MATTERS WHEN YOU ARE GEARING UP FOR A MAJOR LIFE EVENT.


Have you seen people in coffee shops? You must have witnessed (show-off) business tycoons [of the start-up age] cracking deals, or, hatching new ideas over a sip of coffee. In fact, various love stories start over this enchanted drink and many reach the tragic end. A coffee shop is a chosen place for marriage alliances and breakups. You even see few people studying.  In short coffee is something which will give you company at your most lonely times, as well as when you are chilling with your friends, no matter where you have it – Café Coffee Day, Costa, Starbucks or at home.

The biggest thing coffee does is it keeps you awake and active! :O


Can you imagine it has now become an indispensable part of our lives today! Visualize – It’s another drab day at work and you start to nod off – what is it that you look for? You are sitting in a boring meeting, almost losing your cool until you clasp that cup of coffee and say thanks to the universe for it. It breaks your reverie and forces you to put yourself to use, it is the motivation. You are not alone; a cup of coffee saves many of us.

Indeed, a lot can certainly happen over a coffee. Try!

P.S. – I am not trying to sell coffee here! 😛 😉


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