I am a competitive and self-driven communications professional, who is equally passionate about life and work. I have been amply privileged to have worked with various industries [Hospital & Healthcare/Event & Media Firm/NGO/Manufacturing MNC/Start-ups], where I handled Public Relations (PR), events and marketing communications. 

Apart from PR, I am keenly interested in conceptualising and executing events like music concerts, interactive camps, brand launch and fashion shows.

Professionally, I am adept at team-building, internal communication, media management, brand & awareness development, stakeholder engagement and conceptualising memorable strategic events for both internal and external audiences.

I understand well, the power of the right message, delivered to the right audience, at the right time!

I am a proficient content writer with a portfolio that spans across writing articles, blog posts, business communications, product descriptions, press releases, and web content in an authentic, reader friendly and versatile writing style. I wish to use my writing skills to inform, promote, educate and stimulate readers. My aim as a writer is to create attention-grabbing, stimulating and prolific articles to nurture the reader’s mind. 

For quotes/queries, kindly send an e-mail at suchismita.roy02@gmail.com

Click here to peruse some of my published articles.

Suchismita Roy

I am an adventurous soul that follows the philosophy ‘Nichiren Buddhism’, and believe in creating a peaceful world for one & all. When I am not working, I prefer to read – a lot! I am fond of travelling, photography, and watching stand-up comedy/web series. Also, I am a huge Potterhead and a major fan of Shahrukh Khan, Batman & good-looking Vampires.

I live by the mantra – It’s all about CHOICES. Choose RIGHT. And once you choose, give it your BEST!


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