I have always wondered – what if I was a painter! I am not very good at sketching or drawing, I might have something marvellous in my imagination, but whatever I put on paper is way different. 😦

These two art pieces I had created long time ago on MS Paint, again the result was quite different from what I had on my mind! 😀

Sometimes I ponder, is it true that the sub-concious is reflected in our art. Intricate is the working of the mind! A person who can put reins to his mind, surely is the Master of the Universe. Can you do that? In that case, I would be very interested in getting tips from you. 😉

The next one coming up in my mind is – Batman. Let’s see how close does it get to reality. Ohhh wait, Batman is not real, is he? :O

A Portrayed of Lord Ganesha Created by Me with the Help of MS Paint
A Sketch Created by Me with the Help of MS Paint. I still have no name for this one – any suggestions?

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